Liberator 24" Wedge

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The must-have Liberator Wedge!
Often called the connoisseur's serving spoon of choice, the Liberator Wedge delivers a divine incline for deeper penetration and G-spot navigation. The 27-degree angle excels every oral performance, eases any anal expedition, and intensifies every single sexy sensation. A favorite with the ladies. A little lift can make a big difference. The subtle slope and firmness of the Wedge is ideal for providing support and lift for missionary and anal, as well as providing the perfect angle for longer oral sessions without suffering from a crick in the neck. It also makes new positions easier and more satisfying by deepening the angle of penetration to heighten sensation and reach the G-spot. Plus, use it as a fulcrum point under knees to add oomph to your pelvic thrusts. Once you try it, you won't know how you did without it.


  • Can be used with a partner or to enhance solo play
  • Covered in lush microfiber
  • Interior made of dense foam
  • Includes travel/storage bag
  • Measures 24" wide, 14" long and 7" high
  • Available in Black 

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