Privacy Policy

Pleasure Galaxie believes your privacy and security is paramount. Straight up, we will never disclose any information or details of your order to any outside source, with the one exception of our shipping partners, for example USPS in order to ship your order. In this situation, they only receive your name and address, that's it. We will never sell your information to any person, business or any other agency under any circumstances. Our site is SSL encrypted ensuring all of your credit card and personal information is safe and secure. Please feel free to call us at 1.888.378.8630 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST if you do not feel comfortable placing your credit card details on line, we'll be happy to take your order over the phone instead. 

We will never send unsolicited emails, newsletters or direct mail. You will only receive a phone call from us if we need to clarify an issue with your order and this only happens after an email has been sent and we have not recieved a response. You can expect an automatic confirmation email once an order has been placed and an email notification once your order has shipped containing a tracking number or if an item is on backorder. You may receive a request via email to review our service and product approximately 14 days after placing your order to help us learn how we can improve our service and product selection and provide helpful information to other customers. All reviews submitted are completely anonymous.

If you have subscribed to our newsletter you will receive regular updates from us on new products, specials and exclusive offers for our subscribers. If these emails do not interest you over time, you are welcome to unsubscribe as easily as clicking a button at any time, no hassles. If you receive an email from us that you should not have received, please let us know by email or phone 1.888.378.8630 Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm PST. 

Our online shop uses cookies to track where you have searched on the website. We use this information only to help create a superior shopping experience for our customers. These cookies also maintain our secure shopping cart. These cookies do not record your personal information.