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Intimate Furniture Wedgie - Black

$269.00 $249.00

Two versatile positional aides for couples in one, a ramp and a wedge!
Explore 101 amazing sexual positions with the Wedgie. This luxurious piece of adult furniture is designed to provide a stable rise and added lift for perfect angled penetration.

This Wedgie combines two individual pieces for a maximum number of combinations, a riser ramp and removable wedge. Be it on a bed, couch, kitchen counter, dining room table or the floor, countless sex positions are possible and extremely comfortable.

Series S Wedgie sex furniture is crafted from quality Endura foam, covered with a water resistant chocolate leatherette hide.

Now just lean back, lean on, or lean over with 101 possible wedgie positions!


  • High-quality design and construction from Intimate Furniture
  • Includes 2 individual pieces - a riser ramp and removable wedge
  • Explore over a hundred sex positions with the Wedgie!
  • Luxurious leatherette hide
  • Splashproof
  • Endura Foam Interior
  • Measures 24"l x 24"w x 12"h 
  • 4lb Total Weight

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